Estimate for a New Proposed Building

An Construction estimate is the anticipate or probable cost of work. It is usually prepare before the construction taken up. It is indeed calculations or computation of various items of an engineering work. So, As to know its approximate cost or expenses likely to be incurring. The quantities of the various materials require. The labour involve for its construction and satisfactory completion. The estimate also gives an idea of the time require for its completion.

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To prepare an estimate, details drawing i.e., drawing consisting of plan. The elevation and the sections through important points. The detail specification of all workmanship, properties and proportion of materials are require.

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Importance of Construction Estimate

  • It helps in working out the approximate cost of works before they are taking in hand.
  • Also useful to check the works do by contractors during and after the executions. Also the payment to the contractor is do according to the actual measurements by comparing with the already make calculations for each item of work.
  • It gives an idea for the requirements of control materials like bricks, cement and steel etc. for which the applications are to be submit to the controlling authorities for issue of permits.
  • By framing a complete estimate the clients can be advise on –
    • Valuation of properties.
    • Fixation of standard rent.
    • Cover note for fire insurance.

This Excel Sheet is base on the field Experience. And roughly estimate before taken up any project.

Excel Sheet Download

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